Grid Generator Program

This program generates grids of dots for making lace. The grids can be printed or imported into other graphics programs for further manipulation. View samples of the grids the program can generate:

Janice Blair used the program to design a dragonfly edging in Bucks Point.

System Requirements

Windows 95, Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, or later.

The program is not suitable for Windows 3.x, Windows NT 3.x or Macs; I will not be doing versions for those operating systems.

I have been told it can be run under emulation on a Mac using VirtualPC (Conectix) or SoftWindows (Insignia).

3MB disk space for use during download and installation.

How to download, install and run Grid Generator

Save or print out these instructions before commencing the download.

Click on the icon to download file dotsetup.exe onto your computer. All the remaining steps may be carried out off line. Find or create an empty folder to use for temporary installation files. Double click on file dotsetup.exe. In the dialog that appears type in the path of the folder where you want to put the installation files and then select the Unzip button. 15 files will be placed in the folder you selected. Select another folder to use for the program. Double click on file setup.exe in the installation files folder. You will be led through the installation process, including a step where you choose the folder to contain the program. Once the installation is complete the files in the installation folder may be deleted.

The installation process adds a folder called StephSoft to your menu, with an icon for the Grid Generator progam. Select this item to start the program.

On starting the program displays a grid. To alter the characteristics of the grid bring up the Define Grid dialog either by selecting Grid on the View menu, or by selecting the grid icon, two red arrows between two green vertical bars The Define Grid box is where the angle, dot spacing, dot size, grid size and size of area that can be copied are specified. Experiment to get the hang of the program by typing in the boxes and hitting OK. If very closely spaced dots are selected with 100% or smaller scaling and the program is running in a large window it will take a long time to draw the grid on the screen. Sometimes the view of a closely spaced grid will look irregular because the screen can't handle the information, but when printed out the grids are regular. I recommend running the programming in a smallish window, using 1000% scaling to see the grid at 10 times real size. The file menu has the usual print setup and print functions, the edit menu contains the copy function and the view menu the grid option.

Download Grid Generator here

Grid Generator

Click on the icon to download the grid generator program.


Grid Generator is copyright Stephanie Peters. You may download a copy of the program for personal use only. Use for commercial gain without the author's permission is forbidden. The program may not be be put anywhere else on the World Wide Web for download without the author's permission.  Grids generated by the program may not be sold, published in any manner, whether in print, electronically or by any other means, nor used for commercial gain. The program may be copied and given away, provided that this condition is imposed on all copies.