Margareten Spitze

(Margarete's Lace)

A knotted lace, developed from macrame techniques, using two different knots. Pieces can be flat to use as motifs for clothes, pictures or decorations. A skilfull lacemaker can make free standing 3 dimensional sculptures which will support themselves, without any external framework.

The lace is made on a flat pillow, on which is pinned graph paper as a guide. It could be satisfactorily made on a pricking board used for bobbin lace. Threads should be smooth and firm but not too tightly twisted and must not stretch. Cotton Perle and crochet cottons are ideal. The designs are worked in separate pieces, which are then joined by knotting to form the desired pattern.

Margareten Spitze was developed by the artist Margarete Neumann. She taught this technique from 1914 to 1925 at the State-Artschool in Plauen, Germany. Her aim was to let her students have a free hand to create their own ideas, so the lace is worked without patterns.

This spider was made by Dora Northern. She created the pattern from the arachne spider designed for OIDFA by Gary Peach, with Gary's permission. See more of Dora's Margareten Spitze on her home page.

Spider in Web