High Fibre, Zero Calorie Birthday Cake by Janice Blair

Side of cake Top of cake

The theme for the competition at the IOLI convention held in Tulsa, Oklahoma in August 2001 was roses. Janice Blair made this cake. The cake won First Prize and was also voted most popular by the attendees.

The cake measures 8" diameter and about 3" high excluding the roses. Janice designed all the parts using Russian lace for the top, spiders for the side, and Bruge style three dimensional roses with wire in the edges of the petals and leaves. The pink "ribbon" around the cake is made up of various different spiders whilst the white are the regular six legged ones. The thread is YLI 50 silk with DMC 80 for the Russian chevron gimp.

Janice made the cake from two pieces of cardboard covered separately in white silk. The Russian top was sewn to the circular piece, then the side cardboard/silk was sewn to the top. The side spiders piece was added and all the ends finished through the cardboard. The cake was stuffed with a round of polystyrene for mailing to the competition. The roses were just pinned in place so that they can be used separately for a corsage.

International Old Lacers Inc is an organisation for people who love lace ...Who like to study, to make, to collect, and to use lace. Conventions are held annually in different US cities.

On IOLI's website is a cake made to look like lace.

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