Bargello Top for a box

I love collecting fancy threads, but don't often find a pattern to use them in, especially the variegated ones.

Yet another of my craft hobbies is making fabric covered boxes - mainly because it's a good way to display bits of embroidery that don't seem right for framed pictures. This time I decided to think of a design to use some of my thread collection. Bargello, or Florentine work, is a style of counted thread embroidery done with straight stitches usually on canvas. This wave effect is one of the classic patterns; others are more geometric. Cathy Decker has information, history and pictures of Bargello.


All the yellow/pink/orange threads in this are from an English dyer, Stef Francis.   The dark green is Crinkles from Renaissance, the middle green is Multis and the lightest green is Spring II from Needle Necessities. The photo doesn't show the texture contrasts very well - the Spring II has a nice sheen since it's a rayon/cotton mix, which contrasts well with the matt finish of the Multis. The Crinkles has sparkly bits, and the deep gold next to the dark green is a metallic chainette which sparkles.

I've now made a round green box with a peach lining, and inset this embroidery in the top.; Here's the finished article.

boxtop.jpg (54409 bytes)

The lid lining is padded and beaded. As you can see from the contents, this is now my workbox for bobbin lacemaking.

Lid interior

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