These images are computer manipulated versions of one of my greetings card designs. The stitched piece has been altered so that it tiles to be used as computer wallpaper.

This is what the wallpaper looks like in use.

Wallpaper effect

To use the wallpaper use one of the pictures below.

Reflected Oliver Twists large

Larger file, 28Kb

The first file is a bit large, so I've included a smaller size which looks less sharp. If you have a slow computer with not much RAM then using the larger file as wallpaper may slow your machine unacceptably.

Reflected Oliver Twists small

Smaller file, 8Kb

How to use the wallpaper on Windows:

I do not know whether it is possible to use this wallpaper as a background on other systems.

All use of this wallpaper is at your own risk. It is provided without any warranties whatsoever.

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